Sheldon Fogelman Agency works with many artists, who primarily illustrate texts written by other authors. Working solely as an illustrator in children's books creates unique challenges in eliciting manuscripts and finding the right creative matches. As an agency, we are sensitive to this and actively engage in ways to share our illustrators' work with editors and art directors throughout the industry. This section of the site gives a sampling of our illustrators' portfolios.

Another distinctive way we present our illustrators is by regularly inviting publishing colleagues to our offices for one-on-one meetings, or "show and tells." These meetings allow us to showcase our clients' work, as well as, better acquaint ourselves with the individual tastes of the editors and art directors - information that has proven equally helpful to our authors. If you are an editor or art director visiting this site, and would like to come to our offices for a "show and tell," please contact us to set up an appointment.


Aruego, Jose & Ariane Dewey
Becker, Aaron
Boiger, Alexandra
Brunkus, Denise
Caple, Laurie
Chodos-Irvine, Margaret
Christensen, Bonnie
Collier, Bryan
Dominguez, Angela
Egielski, Richard
Fearing, Mark
Fine, Howard
Horowitz, Dave
Judge, Lita
Kantorovitz, Sylvie
Keane, Dave
Lessac, Frane
McClements, George
McElmurry, Jill
Milord, Susan
Neubecker, Robert
O’Hora, Zachariah
Paschkis, Julie
Pham, LeUyen
Pinkney, Jerry
Pinkney, Myles
Rankin, Laura
Rathmann, Peggy
Saltzberg, Barney
Schoenherr, Ian
Stanley, Diane
Urbanovic, Jackie
Wickstrom, Thor
Willems, Mo
Young, Amy
Yum, Hyewon